How to Boot from USB on an IBM Thinkpad T40

Submitted by co60ca on Wed, 06/29/2016 - 14:25

After this guide you should be able to boot from USB on an old IBM Thinkpad T40 or equivalent. This assumes there is a problem with the boot menu not containing your bootable USB drive; or just not understanding how to boot from USB on these devices.

BIOS Setup

  1. Start up your T40 and press F12 on the keyboard to enter the boot Menu
  2. Arrow down to
  3. Go to Config -> USB -> USB BIOS Support
    • Change this to Enabled
  4. ESCx2 to return to first menu
  5. Go to Startup -> Boot
  6. In this screen you can only have 8 items in your Boot Priority order. If you have 8 and you attempt to add either +USB HDD or another device it will beep from the motherboard. So remove a device from the Boot priority order, Legacy Floppy Drives is not likely important so I removed that one. Press the x key on Legacy Floppy Drives to exclude that. Then press x on +USB HDD to enable that one. Then elevate that device to the top using F6. I placed it 3rd so that I can use the boot menu to load it.
  7. F10 to restart, press Yes to confirm save.


On Restart

  1. Press F12 to return to the boot menu
  2. Press your USB Flash Drive to boot from the device