What is SMSH?

Video: A demonstration of using a command line client to send and receive messages

SMSH is a webservice and app that lets you text from any device in a programatic way. It encompasses 3 parts: An Android application in the form of a service, A webservice with open API that maintains the records written in Go, and several clients and API bindings in a few languages that allow you to utilize the application in your development workflow.

Since SMSH is utilized through an open API it makes it easy to build a application that utilizes the SMSH API to send directly from your own web technology and pre-existing hardware. Alternatively use SMSH as an abstraction layer for SMS based correspondance. Touch screens are less than ideal for sending long messages. SMSH legitimizes SMS in business and makes it easier to be accountable for your time spent using SMS for business activities.

The SMSH Android logo