What is Stella?

With roots in actual customer services Stella was created by a need to express common statements through minimal typing to provide maximum productivity of customer service staff. Stella is an desktop application that takes small keywords and expands them to full sentances. This brings the "text" tool in the keyboard preferences on macOS to all platforms. Stella uses very low level apis in order to make use of Stella in any application that uses the keyboard for input. Stella is suited at professionals who correspond through text and want to be able to quickly create a potentially large number of templates and boilerplate. No longer do you need to keep clunky notepad or Excel open with a long list of boiler plate when you can just invoke a shortcut and get the result in application without worrying about plugins. From social media, to email, to chat messengers, Stella lets you spend more time marketing to your customers needs rather than typing out canned statements.

Currently Stella is in development and available for download on github.com. As well as through the AUR for Arch Linux(see readme on github).