Submitted by co60ca on Wed, 06/29/2016 - 13:45

You may or may not be aware that this site is mostly PHP. PHP is used for loading the headers and footers of every page and all of the server side scripting required for the gizmos. Drupal was my CMS of choice for this project however it probably wasn't the best choice. I ended up embedding Drupal content in my site with iframes. These iframes are frames of Web Widgets (a Drupal modules) which capture Views (a Drupal modules) and use several other modules and settings to effectively hide the existence of Drupal from the humble reader.

Problem is with iframes is SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Since most of this content is served by Drupal iframes, including this frame, effectively no content is indexed by some major search engines. However it appears that Google will index the iframes content.

Drupal has a module called Services which allows for JSON services that you can pull content from. So in the future I will be trying to embed the content statically through PHP to get to Yahoo! and Bing. (But who even uses Bing right?)